Xylometazoline Nasal Drops (Cirovin)


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How It Works:

Xylometazoline nasal drops, marketed under the brand name Cirovin, belong to a class of medications known as nasal decongestants. These drops work by constricting the blood vessels in the nasal passages, thereby reducing swelling and congestion in the nasal mucosa. This action helps to alleviate symptoms of nasal congestion associated with various conditions such as the common cold, hay fever, or sinusitis. By opening up the nasal passages, xylometazoline nasal drops make it easier to breathe and can provide relief from nasal congestion.

Side Effects:

While xylometazoline nasal drops are generally safe when used as directed, they may cause some side effects, including: Temporary stinging or burning sensation in the nose Dryness or irritation of the nasal mucosa Sneezing Rebound congestion with prolonged use (rhinitis medicamentosa) Headache Nausea If any of these side effects persist or worsen, it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional.


Xylometazoline nasal drops (Cirovin) are indicated for the temporary relief of nasal congestion due to: Common cold Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) Sinusitis Contraindications: Xylometazoline nasal drops (Cirovin) should not be used in individuals with: Hypersensitivity to xylometazoline or any of the components of the formulation Severe hypertension Cardiovascular disease Angle-closure glaucoma Children under the age of 6 years (unless directed by a healthcare professional) It’s important to read the product label and follow the recommended dosage instructions carefully to avoid adverse effects.

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Top 5 Global Brands:

Cirovin (Generic) Otrivin (Novartis) Sudafed (Johnson & Johnson) Afrin (Bayer) Vicks (Procter & Gamble) Xylometazoline nasal drops, available under various brand names globally, are widely used to provide temporary relief from nasal congestion caused by various respiratory conditions.
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