Lidocaine and Tetracaine

Lidocaine and tetracaine are two types of local anesthetics that are used to numb the skin before certain medical or cosmetic procedures. They are often combined in a topical cream or patch that can be applied to the skin area that needs to be numbed. This can help prevent pain and discomfort during procedures such as skin biopsy, minor skin surgery, intravenous (IV) needle insertion, dermal filler injection, facial laser resurfacing, or laser-assisted tattoo removal.

Lidocaine and tetracaine work by blocking the nerve signals that carry pain sensations from the skin to the brain. They are usually effective within 20 to 30 minutes after application and last for about an hour. They have a low risk of serious side effects, but some people may experience mild skin reactions such as redness, swelling, itching, or changes in skin color. These reactions are usually temporary and go away after the medicine wears off.

Lidocaine and tetracaine are widely used in many countries around the world for various medical and cosmetic purposes. They are also popular products for exporters who want to tap into the global market of local anesthetics. However, exporters need to be aware of the regulations and requirements of different countries regarding the importation, distribution, and use of lidocaine and tetracaine products. Some countries may have stricter rules than others, and some may require special permits or licenses to import or sell these products.

To help exporters navigate the global market of lidocaine and tetracaine products, we have compiled a table of the price, availability, and regulations of these products in different countries. The table is based on the information available from various sources as of October 2023. The table is not exhaustive and may not reflect the latest changes or updates in each country. Therefore, exporters should always do their own research and verify the information before exporting or selling lidocaine and tetracaine products to any country.

CountryPrice (USD) per gramAvailabilityRegulationsReference
USA0.5 – 1Prescription requiredFDA
Canada0.6 – 1.2Prescription requiredHealth Canada approvedHealth Canada
UK0.7 – 1.4Prescription requiredMHRA approvedMHRA
Australia0.8 – 1.6Prescription requiredTGA approvedTGA
New Zealand0.9 – 1.8Prescription requiredMedsafe approvedMedsafe

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