Vyzulta: A Novel Eye Drop for Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that can cause vision loss and blindness by damaging the optic nerve. It is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide, affecting more than 70 million people. Glaucoma is usually associated with high intraocular pressure (IOP), which is the pressure inside the eye. Lowering IOP is the main goal of glaucoma treatment, as it can slow down or prevent further damage to the optic nerve.

There are many types of eye drops available for glaucoma treatment, but they may have limitations such as side effects, low adherence, or insufficient efficacy. Vyzulta (latanoprostene bunod) is a novel eye drop that was approved by the FDA in 2017 and by the EMA in 2018 for the reduction of IOP in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. Vyzulta is the first prostaglandin analog (PGA) that contains nitric oxide (NO) as a component. NO is a natural molecule that plays a role in regulating IOP and blood flow in the eye.

How does Vyzulta work?

Vyzulta works by releasing two active molecules: latanoprost acid and NO. Latanoprost acid is a PGA that lowers IOP by increasing the outflow of aqueous humor (the fluid inside the eye) through the uveoscleral pathway, which is a route that bypasses the conventional drainage system of the eye. NO lowers IOP by enhancing the outflow of aqueous humor through the conventional pathway, which consists of the trabecular meshwork and Schlemm’s canal. NO also improves blood flow and oxygen delivery to the optic nerve and retina, which may have neuroprotective effects.

What are the benefits of Vyzulta?

Vyzulta has been shown to be effective and safe in lowering IOP in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. In clinical trials, Vyzulta reduced IOP by 7.5 to 9.1 mmHg from baseline, compared to 6.8 to 8.2 mmHg with timolol, a beta-blocker eye drop that is commonly used as a comparator. Vyzulta also demonstrated superiority over latanoprost, another PGA eye drop, in reducing IOP at all time points throughout the day. Vyzulta was well tolerated, with the most common adverse events being eye irritation, eye pain, and conjunctival hyperemia (redness).

Vyzulta is a once-daily eye drop that can be used as a monotherapy or as an adjunctive therapy to other IOP-lowering medications. Vyzulta offers a unique mechanism of action that targets both the uveoscleral and conventional pathways of aqueous humor outflow, as well as improving ocular blood flow. Vyzulta may be a valuable option for patients who need additional IOP lowering or who are not satisfied with their current treatment.

Vyzulta Price Comparison

The following table shows the price of Vyzulta in different countries, based on online sources as of October 2023. The prices are expressed in US dollars and may vary depending on the exchange rate, availability, and other factors. The table also includes references for each source.

CountryPrice per mlPrice per bottle (2.5 ml)Source

[1] https://www.goodrx.com/vyzulta
[2] https://www.canadadrugsdirect.com/products/vyzulta
[3] https://www.pharmacy2u.co.uk/vyzulta.html
[4] https://www.emedz.net/product/vyzulta-eye-drops
[5] https://www.netmeds.com/prescriptions/vyzulta-eye-drops-2-5ml

Top 5 Global Brands of Glaucoma Eye Drops

According to a report by Market Research Future, the global glaucoma eye drops market was valued at $6.3 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.1% from 2019 to 2025. The report also ranked the top 5 global brands of glaucoma eye drops based on their market share, revenue, and growth rate. The top 5 brands are:

  • Lumigan (bimatoprost) by Allergan
  • Xalatan (latanoprost) by Pfizer
  • Travatan Z (travoprost) by Alcon
  • Azopt (brinzolamide) by Novartis
  • Cosopt (dorzolamide/timolol) by Merck

These brands are available in different formulations, strengths, and delivery systems, and may have different indications, contraindications, and side effects. Patients should consult their eye doctor before using any glaucoma eye drops and follow the instructions carefully.


Vyzulta is a novel eye drop that lowers IOP in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension by releasing latanoprost acid and NO. Vyzulta has been proven to be more effective than timolol and latanoprost in reducing IOP and has a favorable safety profile. Vyzulta can be used alone or in combination with other IOP-lowering medications. Vyzulta is one of the many options available for glaucoma treatment, along with other brands of eye drops, laser therapy, and surgery. Patients should discuss with their eye doctor the best treatment plan for their condition and monitor their eye health regularly.

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